Built for Every Job

Each Arm is outfitted with quick-release length adjustment. With button touch, you can extend or recede length right where you are. These tools are built for range and flexibility rooted in functional utility for the user. Built for trade workers, by trade workers – we continue to develop new integrations and specs for every dimension.

5 different size Arms offer specialized range and versatility.

You have options when it comes to the Boot. This is the contact between the Arm and surface of your work area. When it comes to outdoor and all terrain – the SandPad is our favorite. For superior free-standing ability and a lower profile footprint – the Hex Boot is preferred. Additionally, the Hex Boot offers the ability to use Boot Covers (2pack) which are a high tread, flame retardant, silicone free interface for hyper cleanliness.

Tools to Support You

When you want the job done faster, with the focused on the task at hand not physical strain. Wearable tools