Evolutionary Tools Inc understands the importance of creating a work environment that prioritizes the well-being of its employees. By offering personalized wearable tools, we are revolutionizing the way people work. Our tools are specially designed enhance tasks that endure difficult static positions. Our ergonomic tools promote better body posture and reducing strain in repair, installation, and maintenance tasks.

Through our innovative approach, Evolutionary Tools Inc targets different body regions born from first hand experience. We know how critical it is to alleviate fatigue while adapting to the work at hand. Our aim is to prolong careers and support businesses in providing tools for a safer, more industrious work environment. By equipping these tools, companies can empower their employees to perform at their best, supporting their overall health and well-being.

We Are Workers. Let’s get to it, together.

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Beau Sitzmann
Beau SitzmannFounder, CEO
Growing up in the family construction business, Beau Sitzmann knows the grit and gratitude of a job well done. Early on brute strength helped him keep up with his older brothers, soaking up the wisdom from experienced tradeworkers around him. Now a contractor with his own successful business means he knows the value of lost hours, barriers to margins, and livlihood from every side of the coin.

With over two decades in the trades, Beau felt the familiar pains of static lateral positions and simply built a tool for himself to get the job done. When crew and colleagues began asking for their own, and their adaptations, he heard the call to action.

Today, Beau heads a movement into wearable tools with human-centered design. His tools and custom solution services are grounded in ingenuity and function. Passionate about helping others extend their careers, avoid injury, and better business opportunities for fellow trades, Beau’s brute strength and talent for solutions continues.

-Beau Sitzmann
Founder, CEO
Evolutionary Tools Inc

Heather Kaufman
Heather KaufmanCOO