“I consider myself 50% faster. I can keep my hands focused on the work. No more resetting, repositioning, or locking up to take a break and find my rhythm again.”
Robert – Contractor

See what users have to say about our Tools:

“It saves my back! If you think its expensive, just think about what it saves you…”
Damien – Decorative Cement Finisher
“Using this, 8-10hrs on the job and I’m still good to go.”
Tali – Laborer
Electrician Testimonial for The Backup Safety Tool
“I can free my hands to just focus on doing the job.”
Scott – Electrician

All media has been collected with the express consent of actual users. Developing our tools has been a journey of cultivating perspectives from trade workers across industries. Effective reviews of our wearable tools are an integral part of our design and development to release excellent products that protect, empower, and provide effective solutions for people. Check out more behind our process:

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