Built for Everyone

Fully adjustable for a secure fit and personal comfort. Chestplates are adaptable from the 1″ or 1.5″ hypoallergenic removable foam- to perfect tailoring on the left (or right) shoulder strap.

One-time adjustment of the expansive waist band and your all set.

The Chestplate is robust and rugged to bear the workload in support of trade workers. With over 50 vents, quick-release locks, premium foams, and cloth coveralls included, the Chestplate keeps up with you.

The best specs for your body

Everyone should have their own Chestplate, and make it their own. Some people prefer to wear theirs high on the sternum, others lower on the torso. That may even change in between tasks. The Chestplate is designed to keep up, and embrace inclusive fitting.