Zero Arm

Zero Arm


Includes Chestplate per Zero Arm. Reticulates comfortably forward and backward. Can be used on the ground or tabletop. Lightweight, reinforced aluminum. 8.5″ height. Holster clip not included.


The Zero Arm is an optimal solution for individuals who work on the ground, offering unparalleled comfort and efficiency. If you’ve ever had to work on your abdomen propped up by your elbows, you know the discomfort it entails – but with the Zero Arm, subfloor access is doubled, allowing for optimal maneuverability with both hands free. The innovative design includes reticulates that enable intuitive shifting to gain mechanical advantage or shift perspective. The two Hex boots offer both flexibility and support, and the lifted rear boot facilitates balanced weight distribution on any body shape. The Hex Boot Covers (sold separately) provide a durable and delicate solution for any surface, without the use of silicon. Chestplate is included with every Zero Arm.

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